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Buffy: "Think you can stay on them 'til then?"
Aiko: "If I can't you should take away my Slayer card"
Buffy Summers and Aiko[src]

Aiko was a Japanese Slayer. She led the Slayer team based in Tokyo.

Buffy aiko season eight

Aiko's work in Japan.


"She's good -- she knows to keep a distance..."

Aiko was contacted by Buffy Summers after a group of Japanese vampires stole Buffy's scythe: the source of the New Slayers powers after Willow Rosenberg's spell activated all the potential Slayers in the world. She discovered the identity of the vampire Toru by defeating a group of Kabuki Demons by herself.

Aiko tracked down Toru and his right hand, Raidon through the streets of Tokyo. However, the two vampires managed to detect her and set a trap to capture her. Using an amulet created by the vampire witch Kumiko Ishihara, Toru depowered Aiko, turning her back into a regular girl. Toru broke Aiko's jaw and bit her, killing the former Slayer in the process. Afterward, Toru tied Aiko's corpse to a building and hung a banner on which he wrote "Welcome to Tokyo" using Aiko's own blood as a warning sign for Buffy and her team of Slayers.


"Welcome to Tokyo" is the message Japanese vampires wrote with her blood


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