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This article is about the sister of Charles Gunn. For other uses, see Gunn.

"We were on the right track - just on the wrong team. All that rage and hatred we got? We get to keep all that, only on this side there is no guilt, no grief - just the hunt and the kill - and the fun!"
―Alonna Gunn[src]

Alonna Gunn was the younger sister of vampire hunter Charles Gunn.



Alonna as a Vampire

"Do I look dead to you? I am stronger, faster and better than ever. Wanna see?"

Since an early age, Alonna had been fighting vampires in Los Angeles with her brother Charles and his crew of vampire hunters, although she felt that Gunn was too liberal in his use of violence without really thinking through the consequences of his attacks, to the extent that he risked getting himself killed. Unlike her brother, she demonstrated an open mind and a certain compassion, being the first member of the crew to recognize that Angel meant them no harm and was actually willing to help them after he used his hand to intercept an arrow that had been accidentally triggered when she fell against a tripwire. During a daylight raid on the crew's home that day- the vampires using smoke grenades to force the crew outside, covering their bodies with coats and masks to protect them from the sunlight-, she was kidnapped, possibly raped, and sired by Knox, the leader of a vampire pack. Afterward, she tried to convince her brother to let her turn him, but only succeeded in getting dusted herself after she vamped out, convincing Gunn that his sister was no longer the person before him. She was avenged by Angel who staked Knox minutes later.

This event deeply traumatized Gunn, who continued to have recurring nightmares about the event for over a year.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Michele Kelly.



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