"That’s what I did: I stuck up for myself. The other day after class, I jumped him in the parking lot, and I slammed his stupid-ass insecure face right into the pavement!"

Amanda was a Sunnydale High student and potential Slayer before she was activated in 2003 along with every other potential.


"I'm Amanda, and I grew up right here!"



Amanda receives counselling from Buffy

Amanda was a member of the swing choir at the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High in 2002. Buffy Summers talked to her twice as part of her job as guidance counselor at Sunnydale High. During her first visit, she told Buffy that another student was bullying her. Buffy told Amanda that she should stick up for herself, which was what she did when she jumped her bully in the car park slammed his face into the pavement, which was why she was sent to her. During her second visit, she told Buffy that she thought she was weird because she liked the person that bullied her. Buffy then felt uneasy as she correlated this to herself with her previous violent relationship with Spike

Discovering her Potential

Amanda: "OK. One minute I'm in Swing Choir, and the next— What the hell's going on? You tell me to come to you with problems. Turns out, a vampire attacked me. Problem. So I go to your house, and when I get there, this orange cloud hits me."
Dawn: "She was at the doorway."
Amanda: "And I don't know if you're into the drugs, but that's not my deal, all right. That cloud hit me, and I got a little dizzy and discombobulated."
— Amanda, discovering her destiny[src]
Buffy received word that there was a new Slayer in town so Willow Rosenberg preformed a locator spell which released a light signature that tracked down a Potential Slayer; this happening the same time Amanda came to Buffy's house to talk to her about an encounter that she had with a strange creature (a vampire) that attacked her at the school where she stayed overnight to repair her Swing Choir sweater, managing to subdue the monster and contain it. Dawn Summers was standing by the door while the locator spell was being formed and the signature went through her to Amanda leading everyone to believe that Dawn was a Potential Slayer. Dawn went up to her room with mixed feelings and snuck out of her room to take a walk, running into Amanda who told Dawn that she was looking for Buffy because of the creature that attacked her, having sustained a cut on her forehead.

Amanda killing her first vampire

Dawn told Amanda that she could handle it and went along with Amanda to take care of the situation. Once they saw the vampire that Amanda trapped in a classroom, they ran and hid in another classroom where they were attacked by the Bringers. A Dawn tried to defend Amanda, she realized that the Bringers were trying to kill Amanda which meant that she was the Potential Slayer afterall. Dawn rescued Amanda from the bringers before letting Amanda take the lead and fight their attackers herself, arming her with a broken flag pole and telling her about her fate as a Potential Slayer, announcing "this belongs to you, I'll watch your back but you deserve this more than I do". Amanda fought off the bringers before instinctively killing the vampire as the rest of the Scooby Gang arrived just in time to help Dawn kill the rest of the bringers. Amanda was the first among Potential Slayers to slay a vampire by herself.

Working with the Scoobies

Amanda then joined the growing number of Potential Slayers that received training and become and ally to the Scooby Gang. She assisted Willow Rosenberg, Kennedy and Dawn in attempting to gain first-hand imformation from the First Evil by listening via a wiring connect to Andrew Wells, which ended up in Amanda screaming in terror after the First appeared as a mangled Jonathan Levinson after he discovered their plot while originally planning to have Andrew kill Amanda along with the other Potentials with a gun. Amanda was also shocked to see that her fellow Potential, Chloe, committed suicide, having formed a friendship with her. Amanda eventually moved into the Summer's residence along with the rest of the Potentials with the rest of Sunnydale evacuated the town, possibly including her parents.

Amanda was one of the Potentials to participate in the battle of the vineyard. In the battle, some fellow Potentials died like Diane and Molly, others like Rona got greatly injured though Amanda remained relatively fine, After all the Potentials kicked Buffy out and chose Faith Lehane as their leader, Amanda followed her into an ambush. She survived the battle with three Turok-Han Vampires, and when Buffy was accepted back as the leader, Amanda openly expressed a belief that God had punished them by trusting Faith's judgment over Buffy's, and the other Potentials agreed with that despite Buffy defending Faith. 

Slayerhood and Death


Amanda, dead in the Hellmouth

Along with the remaining Potential Slayers, Amanda was activated as a Slayer shortly before the battle of the Hellmouth where she equipped herself with a wooden spear. Despite fighting fiercely, Amanda ultimately died when her neck was snapped by a Turok-Han Vampire. Her death was witnessed by Buffy.


Amanda was shy and sweet but with a dark and violent side due to her Slayer heritage, beating up a boy who picks on her yet professing an attraction towards him. She was fond of her principal Robin Wood and greeted him warmly when he visited her and the other Potentials whilst they are training, demonstrating the traditional Slayer affinity for older male authority figures (such as Watchers/The Shadowmen). She expressed huge admiration and adoration for Faith when she took her and the other Potentials dancing at The Bronze and was seemingly a close friend to Dawn, her favorite among the Potential Slayers. She was a member of the Sunnydale High School Swing Choir and had a hatred of their rivals, the school's marching band, suggesting they could be locked in a room with a vampire. During the argument following Faith taking command she mentioned that she participated in a mock-United Nations at school, representing Uraguay. She was proficient in the popular board game 'Dungeons and Dragons', effortlessly defeating Andrew Wells the night before the final battle.

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