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The Ambush at the Library was an attack on the Scooby Gang, coordinated by Angelus and Drusilla.


Earlier that year, Angel lost his soul, causing him to revert to the infamous Angelus, where he reunited with his former comrades Spike and Drusilla. A few days before the ambush, Angelus and his gang stole Acathla, and placed him in Crawford Street Mansion. Angelus attempted to awaken Acathla, who would suck the world into a hell dimension, but the ritual failed. Not knowing how to complete the ritual, he sent a vampire to call Buffy out to duel one-on-one.

Meanwhile, the Scooby Gang discovered a disc belonging to the late Jenny Calendar, which contained the Ritual of Restoration that could be used to re-ensoul Angel. After the theft of Acathla and receiving Angelus's challenge, Buffy decided to accept the invitation while Willow prepared the Restoration Ritual. Willow prepared the spell in the Sunnydale High library, where there other Scoobies and the Slayer, Kendra assisted her.

The Battle

While Buffy was away fighting Angelus, the other Scoobies were attacked by a number of Angelus's vampires at the library. Willow was seriously injured when a vampire pushed a book stack on her, Xander had his arm broken before being knocked out while he allowed Cordelia to escape, and Giles was also knocked out. Kendra fought the vampires, taking one out before the vampires were called to stand down by Drusilla. Kendra tried to fight Drusilla, but the vampire got the upper hand and used her hypnotic abilities to pull Kendra into a relaxed state. Drusilla used her sharp finger-nails to slit the Slayer's throat, killing her, and then ordered the remaining vampires to take Giles with them. Buffy, realizing her fight was a trap for her friends, tried to reach them, only to arrive too late, with the fight finished.


Buffy arrived, finding Kendra's body. As she leaned over it, the police arrived, thinking Buffy was the assailant. She had to go on the run. Kendra's death triggered the next Slayer to be called.

Key Participants

Scooby Gang



Angelus's Gang



  • 1 vampire


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