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Angel Comic Issue
Angel Yearbook
Publication date May 25, 2011
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # One-shot
Creative Team
Written by Various
Penciller(s) Various
Inker(s) Various
Colorist(s) Various
publication order

Angel Yearbook is a comic book one-shot published by IDW. It is the final Angel comic published by IDW and is a celebration of their five year run on the series.

Yearbook consists of short stories set during various points in Angel history, with contributions from previous writers and artists.


...Dust to Dust

Gunn reflects on his childhood with his sister Alonna and what inspired him to form a vampire-hunting crew.

OMG Unicorns!

Harmony updates her blog after being fired from Wolfram & Hart.

All the Time in the World

Wesley and Fred attempt to enjoy a normal date, but are constantly interrupted by supernatural occurences.

My Only Friend

Angel contemplates his relationship with Los Angeles.

Fight for the Remote!

Angel and Spike disagree on what to watch on television; Angel wants to watch hockey, Spike would rather watch Passions.

This One Time

Angel Invesitgations are contacted by Mikela, a woman with reality-warping abilites. Affected by Mikela's powers, the group find themselves jumping between various alternate realities, which include;

  • A reality where Angel and Spike are both puppets.
  • A reality where Angel is a Brachen Demon and Spike is a werewolf.
  • A reality where Angel, Spike, and Illyria are babies.
  • A reality where Gunn sacrificed himself and became Illyria's host instead of Fred.
  • A reality where Angel saved baby Connor from being taken to Quor'toth by Holtz. Connor grew up on Earth, but Angel drove away his friends, allowing Wolfram & Hart to take over Los Angeles.
  • A reality where Illyria saved Wesley from Cyvus Vail and returned to her true form, killing everyone but Wesley.
  • A reality where Angel never left Sunnydale and Spike became the Champion of L.A. in his place.

Though tempted by these possibilties, Angel Investigations vow to fight for the life they've made for themselves, and defeat Mikela's villainous alternate self.

A Blessing and "The Curse"

  • Written by Chris Ryall
  • Art by David Messina and Franco Urru

IDW editor-in-chief Chris Ryall reflects on the company's five run on Angel, thanking everyone who was involved.




Variant Cover

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