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Angel novels were novels set in the Buffyverse and centered around Angel and his team.


The first Angel novel was published in 1999 by Pocket Books, who continued to produce Angel novels until 2004. The books are not part of canon. They are not considered as official Buffyverse reality, but rather alternative stories from the authours' imaginations. Unlike internet fan fiction however, all of these stories have been licensed as official Angel merchandise. Furthermore the overall concept for each Buffyverse story had to be accepted by Joss Whedon (or his office), who ensured these stories did not venture too far from the original intentions.

Publication history

Title Comment
1999-12-01 City Of Novelization of the episode of the same name.
2000-04-01 Not Forgotten
2000-06-01 Redemption
2000-08-01 Close to the Ground
2000-10-31 Shakedown
2001-01-01 Hollywood Noir
2001-02-27 Avatar
2001-05-01 Soul Trade
2001-07-31 Bruja
2001-12-01 The Summoned
2002-02-01 Haunted
2002-04-01 Image
2002-06-01 Stranger to the Sun
2002-08-01 Vengeance
2002-12-01 The Longest Night Anthology of short stories
2003-02-01 Impressions
2003-04-01 Sanctuary
2003-10-01 Fearless
2003-08-01 Endangered Species
2003-12-01 Solitary Man
2004-02-10 Nemesis
2004-04-06 Dark Mirror
2004-05-25 Monolith
2004-07-27 Book of the Dead
2004-09-28 Love and Death
2001-05-01 Unseen, Vol. 1 The Burning Crossover with Buffy novels
2001-06-26 Unseen, Vol. 2 Door to Alternity Crossover with Buffy novels
2001-08-28 Unseen, Vol. 3 Long Way Home Crossover with Buffy novels
2003-03-01 Monster Island Crossover with Buffy novels
2003-07-07 Seven Crows Crossover with Buffy novels
2003-11-11 Cursed Crossover with Buffy novels
2004-06-29 Heat Crossover with Buffy novels

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