"Just sit with me a while, will you?"
―Anne to William[src]

Anne Pratt was the mother of William Pratt, the vampire later to become William the Bloody and Spike. Anne became the first vampire sired by Spike.



"I will always look after you, Mother. This I promise."
―William to Anne[src]

During her son's childhood years Anne would often sing the English folk song "Early One Morning" to him. As he grew up into a young man, the two remained very close, spending most of their spare time together. She kept on singing the folk song to her son. By the time William became a poet, Anne was the only one able to appreciate her son's works.

By 1880 Anne became sick, apparently with tuberculosis, and not even the treatments of her physician, Dr. Gull, were enough to cure her. By this time, Anne also began to worry about her son's future and hoped he would obtain the affection of Cecily.

After the vampire Drusilla sired William, he came back home and sired Anne. He intended to take his mother with him, Drusilla and The Whirlwind. His intentions were to save her from her disease, while allowing them to be together forever. However, after rising, the woman he had known was gone forever.


"I do feel extraordinary. It's as though I've been given new eyes. I see everything. Understand... Everything."

In William's case, his love for his mother followed him into his vampire existence, but in Anne's case the contrary happened. Now a vampire, she found William's devotion smothering. She taunted William with the notion of him having a sexual desire for her, which had not only caused his inability to find a woman in life, but had also led him to sire her.

In an attempt to get rid of her son, Anne not only taunted him but also attempted to seduce him. His forceful rejection, however, caused Anne to try to stake William with her own cane. In the resulting fight, William broke the cane in two and used one of the pieces to dust Anne.


"When I sired her, I set loose a demon and it tore into me... but that was the demon talking, not her. I realize that now."

During the next decades, William, remained traumatized by the ordeal. By 2003, the First Evil used the trauma in order to brainwash Spike into a sleeper agent, a killing machine activated by singing "Early One Morning". Only through the use of a Prokaryote Stone was Spike able to remember the experiences and finally understand that the demon that had taunted him and he had staked was not the same as his mother. After this, he appeared more willing to confront the experience and put it behind him, briefly attempting to share the experience with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce after Wesley shot a cyborg posing as his father ("I killed my mum. Well, actually I'd already killed her and then she tried to shag me-"), although Wesley cut off the explanation before he could go into more detail.

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