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"I still think it's a trap, my lordship."

Artode was a demon of an unidentified species and the personal aide of Archduke Sebassis.


Artode: "It's Pylean"
Lorne: "Oh, made in Pylea. Ha. My home dimension."
Artode: "Not made in, made from. I skinned it myself. Anybody you know?"
— Artode and Lorne[src]

Artode was the right hand man of Archduke Sebassis. He suspected a trap when Sebassis was personally invited by Lorne and Angel to the 2003 Wolfram & Hart Halloween Bash. Artode joined his master's entourage and managed to enter the bash carrying magically concealed weapons.

At the party, Artode gained the hatred of Lorne by wearing a suit made from the skin of a Deathwok demon Artode had killed himself and jokingly asking him if the skin belonged to anyone he knew. Even though Lorne managed to hide his hatred for Artode, Sebassis' aide was killed by a manifestation of Lorne's subconscious mind.

The death of Artode caused Sebassis to threaten Angel with open war until it was revealed he had not been involved in it. It also left Sebassis vulnerable enough for Angel to eventually assassinate the Archduke, who was a member of the Circle of the Black Thorn.


Artode possessed the common characteristics of his species: pale skin, pointed ears and long, antelope-like horns.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Michael Maize.


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