No one can stop the Ascension! Mayor's got it wired, B. He built this town for the demons to feed on and come Graduation day, he's getting paid. I'll be sitting at his right hand—assuming he has hands after the transformation, I'm not too clear on that—and all your lame ass friends'll be kibbles and bits.
Faith Lehane[src]
Mayor ascension

Mayor ascending into a pure demon.

Ascension was the name used to refer to the transformation of a human being into the embodiment of a pure demon, an Old One. Ascension was not a ritual in itself, but rather the result of several rituals and ceremonies, some of which were different depending on the demon the sorcerer attempted to become.

Throughout the centuries, only a few Ascensions had been recorded due to the destruction and massacres caused by the new demons. It seemed that once a human successfully ascended, the Old One that they transformed into could not be reincarnated until the current vessel died, as in the case of Olvikan.

Known Ascensions

Ascension means a human becomes pure demon. They're different.
  • c. 1200: a sorcerer in a village in the Koskov Valley became the embodiment of the demon Lohesh. Only three people escaped alive.
  • May 26, 1723: an Ascension occurred in a town called Sharpesville. The town was completely destroyed and no one survived. The only record of this Ascension was the journal of Sharpesville's pastor, Desmond Kane.
  • Date unknown: in Kauai a sorcerer became the embodiment of the demon Olvikan, but was killed in a volcanic eruption. The demon was remembered in the legend of Olukai.
  • May 1999: Richard Wilkins became the embodiment of Olvikan. Besides a number of demon pacts, Wilkins performed the Dedication and the Ritual of Gavrok to achieve Ascension. Killed by Rupert Giles with a firebomb minutes after Ascending.