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Avilas was a demon who offered wealth in exchange for human sacrifices. He was killed by Buffy Summers who set him on fire with the help of Spike.


Avilas was a tall demon with several horns and spikes protruding from his head and arms. He was physically powerful and matched the strength and fighting abilities of a slayer. His abdomen was vulnerable to fire, which quickly consumed him once Buffy struck it with a torch. Despite being set on fire, Avilas managed to bite his summoner, although the demon quickly burst into embers after. Summoning him required a ritual involving a sacrifice of flesh, albeit he the sacrifice was in exchange for the wealth the demon offered, and not for the summoning ritual itself.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Troy Brenna.
  • Avilas bore some similarities to Machida, another demon worshipped by men, who offered human sacrifices to him in exchange for wealth. Both of them also had dedicated invocation rituals to summon them.


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