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"It's been a hundred years since my enemy crippled me. Now, ultimate power is within his grasp, and I shall not let it be. Forget about honor, forget about everything but getting my amulet; bring the watchers to me, find the Slayers, and kill them--kill everything that gets in your way. Go! Go!"
―Lord Balthazar[src]

Balthazar was a demon and an old enemy of Richard Wilkins.


Lord Balthazar was a powerful and dangerous demon who was served by El Eliminati, a dueling vampire cult ruled by codes of honor. Balthazar traveled to Sunnydale, where he battled Richard Wilkins for the control of the town. Balthazar was defeated and his amulet, the source of his great powers, was taken by a landowner called Gleaves. Crippled and defeated, Balthazar was driven underground and was believed dead.

After learning of his enemy's impending Ascension, Balthazar sent El Eliminati to retrieve his amulet, which would allow him to recuperate his powers. His minions came into conflict with Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane, who took the amulet. Enraged, Balthazar sent Vincent to assassinate Wilkins but failed. He also sent other vampires to kidnap Rupert Giles and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, whom he intended to torture into revealing the location of his amulet.

Buffy and Angel battled Balthazar's minions. Balthazar tried to kill Angel but was electrocuted by Buffy. Before expiring, he taunted them with the arisal of his enemy, which would cause great suffering and devastation.


Balthazar was a morbidly obese demon unable to move and forced into a tank of liquid, where he was constantly kept moist by one of his minions. He had short, stubby arms, and red eyes.


The extent of Balthazar's powers while in possession of his amulet is unknown. His only remaining power was the ability to attract vampires to his grasp by extending his stubby arms.

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