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Beck was a friend and ally of the infamous vampire Spike. The pair met at the Mosaic Wellness Center.


Beck Powers

Beck's Pyrokinetic Powers


Before heading out to Vegas, Spike visited the Mosaic Wellness Center to recruit Beck. Mosaic coordinator Malposo Angra Mazda Ormazd Yazatas Mainyu was reluctant at first, because Beck had been displaying emotional and behavioral problems. Spike chalked it up to her youth, and stated that Betta George would accompany them. Malposo let Spike have Beck for two days, but she was to wear gauntlets to control her pyrokinesis. Beck, who was donning a new tough-girl look, subsequently destroyed the gauntlets the first chance she got.

Powers and Abilities

Beck was a half-demon that had pyrokinetic powers which she struggled to control. She also healed rapidly.



Since they do not have their pyrokinetic forces under control, her character Liz Sherman from the Hellboy-movies might have been inspired.

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