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Angel Comic Issue
Bedroom Follies
Publication date June 30, 2010
Published by IDW Publishing
Issue # 34
Pages 32
Creative Team
Written by Bill Willingham
Penciller(s) Brian Denham
publication order
Letters Home: A Jamesian Interlude
Prophet for Profit, Part One
Prv5528 pg1

"Bedroom Follies" was the thirty-fourth issue of the Angel comic book series.


Late at night, Illyria confronts Connor in his bedroom. She is adamant that they have sexual intercourse, as she is now at her peak mating-wise. During this time, Spike comes to Laura's room where she is resting from James' attack; her leg had been broken in the encounter. Despite Laura's pleas for privacy, Spike questions the importance of prophecies, their validity, and who determines the "rules" of writing them. Meanwhile, a member of the Sisterhood of Jaro Hull named Ragda approaches a bathing war leader. Ragda asks how she can improve her performance for an unknown "Great Challenge" that is taking place among the Sisterhood. The war leader emphasizes that protecting and serving Connor would "get the judges' attention".

Throughout the Hyperion, members of Team Angel begin to become affected by Illyria's current state. Illyria's powerful pheromones lead Angel to have a threesome with Kate and Dez, while Spike has sex with Laura in her room. During all this, Connor attempts to refuse Illyria. However, by the time Connor agrees to have intercourse with Illyria, she states that her mating period had ended and she is no longer is attracted to Connor. Illyria also confirms that while she is able to have recreational sex, she hasn't found anyone interesting enough. Later on in the night, after everyone returns to normality, it is mutually agreed to never discuss the escapades again.

Elsewhere, in a luxurious apartment, an Angel Investigations client named Bradley Hubble finds the Soul Eater in his home. She tells him that he recently hired AI to get rid of a Lamia and he has yet to pay his bill. The Soul Eater then states that he will go back to the Hyperion to pay his bill, taking her with him. She suggests that she can pose as his mistress or daughter. Hubble refuses and the Soul Eater explains that he has no choice in the matter and proceeds to eat his soul.


The story was set after "Boys and Their Toys", but before "Crown Prince Syndrome".



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Body Count

  • Bradley Hubble, soul devored by Liss

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