I'm really embarrassed... And that just makes me - all these horrible things have happened - been done to me, guys have died - and I'm freaking because I'm so embarrassed. People are pathetic.
―Bethany Chaulk[src]

Bethany Chaulk was a young woman with telekinetic powers. Bethany's father sexually abused her when she was younger, which caused her to develop her powers.


Are you shocked I'm a great big slut?
―Bethany to Angel[src]

Lilah Morgan befriended Bethany at her high school and offered her a place to stay into her apartment as part of a plan for Wolfram & Hart to groom her into an assassin, using fear and anger to trigger her power. Angel found her and started to train her to control her powers.

However, her coming to the Hyperion Hotel prevent the resurected Darla to harrass Angel in his dreams. As a result, Holland Manners charges Lilah to find a way to recuperate the young girl. Lilah contacted her father and he attempted to convince her to return to him, with Lilah hoping she would lose control of her powers and kill Angel as a result. However, she lashed out at him instead, though facing him led him to finally take full control of her abilities. With better control of her abilities, she moved out of Lilah's apartment and left to make her own life.


Powers and Abilities

It's like - there is a flash - like - something pops in my brain, and then I'm - it's like - uhm, there's an undertow. Like there is no gravity and by body is being pulled in different directions, but inside, you know?
―Bethany describes the sensation of her telekinetic manifestations[src]

Bethany was an extremely powerful telekinetic, capable of various feats. At first Bethany´s powers were uncontrolled, but she eventually learned to use them correctly. Even with her control, they could be unstable, as shown when Bethany blasted her room after her father showed up. It was believed that a serious trauma caused her to develop these abilities. Wolfram & Hart believed she had a great potential to be an assassin, further highlighting her telekinetic prowess.

Behind the Scenes

  • She was portrayed by Daisy McCrackin and Madison Eginton.
  • While not completely addressed in the episode Wesley figures out, with only minimal clues, that Bethany was molested by her father. It begs the question, how did he manage to catch what the others so easily missed? We already know that Wesley suffered emotional (and possibly physical) abuse at the hands of his own father, but the speed and accuracy with which he deduces Bethany's past makes you wonder what else may have been done to him.