Comic Issue
"Big City Girl"
Publication date June 06, 2001
Pages 22
Fray #1
first issue in series
"The Calling"
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Penciller(s) Karl Moline
Editor(s) Scott Allie
Cover artist(s) Karl Moline
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) Dave Stewart
Letterer(s) Michelle Madsen

"Big City Girl" is the first issue of the Fray comic book series.


Two unidentified voices were discussing the awakening of the Slayer. Her name was Melaka Fray. They dispatched Urkonn to deal with her and worried that he would not be able to overcome her. They pointed out that the Slayer was but a mortal.

Elsewhere, in Haddyn, the future incarnation of Manhattan, Melaka Fray fell off a roof, having stolen an amulet for her boss, Gunther. She was being pursued by Ruebrin’s boys, who she swiftly defeated. She took the amulet and reported to her boss, Gunther, who was a human that had been mutated by the sun’s radiation and required water to live. He offered her a big reward for her theft of the amulet. Melaka was concerned about the overpayment, but continued on her way without a second thought.

Walking home to Versi, a district inside Haddyn, she was approached by vampires, who in this time period were referred to as Lurks. Before the Lurks could attack her, the police showed up and an officer named Erin approached Melaka and questioned her about the amulet. Melaka claimed that she had not seen it and had nothing to do with it, even though Erin had a description of Fray falling from the roof. A heated argument began, with Erin pointing out that she was only trying to help and Fray electing that she did not want any help: it was clear that the two women knew each other. They both left the scene upset, with both focusing on an incident involving a boy from their past.

Finally arriving in Versi, Melaka was met by a child named Loo. The child seemed to admire Fray a great deal, and had an important message to give Mel. However, she became distracted. She claimed that a man came looking for Fray, and before Mel could inquire, the man appeared behind her, dripping in fluid. He claimed that she was the Chosen One and that only she alone could stop the demons and the vampires, but before Mel could respond, he lit a match and lit the fluid he had been doused in. As he burned, Mel tackled him into a river as Loo watched. She gave up and elected to go home, exhausted. Returning to her apartment, she finally thought that her bad day was over, but there was a demon behind her.


The events took place before "The Calling".

  • According to Vrill and Boluz no Slayer had been called in two hundred years.
  • The Watchers had survived into this time period, regardless of the fact that no Slayer had existed.



Organizations and Titles



Death Count

Behind the Scenes


  • Fray had a tattoo on her arm that looked similar to Faith's.



Variant Covers

Cover Artwork


Melaka Fray: "Versi. Biggest warren in Haddyn. If you're down on your luck, or looking to hide, this is the place. A lot of drifters - guys in an and out in a week, on their way to somewhere better. As, for example, the grave. Versi is the kind of place the kids in the uppers have never even read about. It isn't safe, and it isn't clean. It's home."
- Big City Girl

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