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"That family's the closest thing this country has to royalty. They'd own half the eastern seaboard even if they weren't clients of ours."
Lilah Morgan[src]

The Blim family is one of the wealthiest and most influentials families in the United States, with powerful politicians and businessman among its members. The family is also an important client of Wolfram & Hart, which provides a number of services besides legal representation, ensuring that whatever crime committed by any family member remains hidden.

Like any family, the Blims have a "black sheep". In this case, it was Billy, a misogynistic half-demon with the power of turning men into equally murderous misogynysts. The family rules for dealing with Billy were simple: "Don't leave him alone with your girlfriend, keep him away from pets and don't ever let him touch you".

Blim Family Tree

                              Unidentified Blim patriarch
                                 |                 |
                                 |                 |
                                 |                 |
Dylan's mother-----+------Nathan Blim     Billy's father-----+-----Billy's demon
                   |                                         |         mother
                   |                                         |
                   |                                         |
              Dylan Blim                                Billy Blim

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