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Chief Bob: "So… usual story, gang-related, P.C.P.?"
Snyder: "What did you have in mind, the truth?"
— Chief Bob Munroe and Principal Snyder[src]

Chief Bob Munroe was the Sunnydale Chief of Police.


Snyder: "This is getting out of hand. People will talk."
Chief Bob: "You'll take care of it."
— Principal Snyder and Chief Bob Munroe[src]

Bob Munroe was the Sunnydale Chief of Police, presumably appointed by Mayor Richard Wilkins himself. Alongside Snyder, he was one of the pawns of Mayor Wilkins used to cover up the truth of what happened in Sunnydale. Like Snyder, he was well aware of the existance of the Hellmouth and vampires.

When Spike and members of the Order of Aurelius attacked Sunnydale High in order to kill Buffy Summers, Chief Bob's official information about the attack indicated that the responsibles were gang members under the influence of PCP, which caused their facial deformations and superior strength.

Months later, after the ghost of James Stanley caused hundreds of poisonous snakes to manifest in Sunnydale High, Snyder and Chief Bob discussed the best cover up to explain the event and Snyder's worries about the truth getting out.

Behind the Scenes


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