Rieff: "I thought you Brachen demons had a great sense of direction."
Doyle: "Yeah, and we're all good at basketball, too."
Rieff and Doyle[src]

Brachen Demons were a species of peaceful humanoid demons. Like most of the demon species on Earth, Brachen's were half-breeds, thus hunted by pure-breed demons like the Scourge. Allen Francis Doyle was a half-Brachen, on his father side.

Physiology & Powers

"We're stronger in demon form..."

Brachen demons had humanoid appearance, though they had green skin, red irises and blue spines covering their faces. They were capable of breeding with humans, resulting in half-Brachen, such as Doyle.

Brachen demons were stronger than humans and were also double jointed in the neck area, allowing them to survive a dislocated or broken neck. They also had the ability of smelling objects with mystical powers and had a reputation for having a good sense of direction.

Unlike their "pure-breed" brethren, half-Brachens had the ability to assume human form. However, their natural abilities—strength and smell—were lessened in this shape to human level.

Notable Brachens


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