Comic Collection
"Buffy Omnibus: Season 8, Volume 2"
B8 omnibus2
Publication date March 07, 2018
Pages 584
Format Paperback
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Vol.2
"Buffy Omnibus: Season 8, Volume 1"
final collection in series
Creative Team
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Writer(s) Joss Whedon
Scott Allie
Brian K. Vaughan
Jane Espenson
Drew Goddard
Drew Z. Greenberg
Jim Krueger
Jeph Loeb
Brad Meltzer
Doug Petrie
Penciller(s) Georges Jeanty
Karl Moline
Cliff Richards
Camilla d’Errico
Cover artist(s) Jo Chen

"Buffy Omnibus: Season 8, Volume 2" is a trade paperback collecting issues twenty-one to forty of the Season Eight comic series, as well as the one-shot Riley: Commitment Through Distance, Virtue Through Sin and Harmony Bites, and short stories Harmony Comes to the Nation, Vampy Cat Play Friend, and the HARM magazine feature.


Creator Joss Whedon's official sequel to Season 7 of the television series continues in this second of two volumes that contain the entirety of the Chosen One's eighth season of fighting demons and dark forces to save the world and mankind.[1]



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