In the television series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer ,” the show is about a high school girl named Buffy who has extra abilities in able to slay vampires to protect the world of people from the many creatures while keeping her secret from everyone besides a couple of friends. In the first episode called “Hellmouth,” Buffy had just moved into a new town after getting kicked out of her old school burning down the gym in order to slay a vampire . All Buffy wants when she moves into Sunnydale is to get away from the vampires and live a normal life as a teenager so she tries to deny her slayer side, but quickly there is trouble at her school when a student is found dead and drained of blood. This shows that Buffy is just like any teenage girl who wants to fit in with her peers, but the slayer side of her will not allow harm to come to those she cares about, which leads her into the role of the Slayer she is supposed to become. Buffy realizes just how important her role is as the slayer when a secretive yet mysterious guy confronts her to inform her about the harvest and the town she happened to move to is located on the mouth of hell. Buffy realizes this man is different even though in the series she discriminates against all vampires as evil, as in Thesis IV: The Monster Dwells at the Gates of Difference by Jeffery Cohen, which makes it interesting when she does not outright attack the stranger known as Angel . Once Buffy’s friend is taken, she cannot allow herself to do nothing while her friend is in trouble, which puts her into a vampire layer that ends up being a trap she is not prepared for and barely escapes with her life and without her friend. This relates to Thesis V except the monster would be considered Buffy in this case when viewing the point of the vampires when stated “the monster resists capture” (Cohen, 12). Also during the episode, Buffy’s friend is turned into a vampire, but the guy states how he feels better this way because of all the power and confidence he feels, which goes with the Thesis VI: Fear of the Monster is Really a Kind of Desire, which describes how people fear the vampires yet have a desire towards the fear of the vampires as well.

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