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These are Buffyverse Wiki pages that have an active discussion on the Talk page (marked with a Discussion link adjacent to every article on the wiki). When you post a question on a Talk page, write {{talk}} at the top of the edit field. The template will automatically add a Talk box to the page, alerting people to the discussion, and it'll add a link to this list.

This category is for new, active discussions, to help alert contributors to the latest questions. When a question's been answered, please remove the Talk box from the discussion page. The talk box may also be removed if a question hasn't been answered after a week. For more on talk pages, see How to use Talk pages.

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User talk:Gonzalo8417:32, November 16, 2014
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Talk:Wild at Heart09:43, September 4, 2014
Talk:Graduation Day, Part Two14:45, September 2, 2014
Talk:Octarus09:56, September 1, 2014
Talk:Lovers Walk09:55, September 1, 2014
Talk:Revelations15:02, August 19, 2014
Talk:Aphrodesia17:23, August 12, 2014
Talk:Lessons20:15, June 13, 2014
Talk:Istanbul Potential Slayer08:26, June 13, 2014
Talk:Dave (Sense & Sensitivity)16:53, April 27, 2014
Talk:Dave (officer)16:52, April 27, 2014
User talk:DinoSlider15:01, March 22, 2014
Talk:Big Bad12:22, March 5, 2014
User talk:Paul van Gent19:41, February 6, 2014
Talk:Black Knight's Hatchet02:58, January 30, 2014
Category talk:Rituals and spells02:02, January 29, 2014
Talk:Resurrection06:20, January 18, 2014

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