Chao-Ahn was a Slayer from Shanghai who was activated during the Battle at the Hellmouth.


Chao-Ahn spoke only Cantonese, which made communication very difficult with the Scooby Gang. Rupert Giles tried to communicate with her using crudely drawn pictures, graphically depicting Turok-Han Vampires killing Potential Slayers. Chao-ahn accidentally mistook Giles' attempts at communication as threats, like his offering her milk despite the fact that she was lactose intolerant. She escaped the destruction of Sunnydale, having survived the battle against the First Evil.

Behind the Scenes

  • She survived the battle of the Hellmouth. She is seen on the bus fleeing Sunnydale.
  • Chao-Ahn's name comes from Chao'an (潮安), a Cantonese-speaking county in China.