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Christian Kane is an American actor and singer/songwriter, best known for his role as the morally ambiguous lawyer Lindsey McDonald on the show Angel and as lead singer for the band KANE.

He appeared as a recurring character in three of the five seasons.

Currently he playes a starring role in the American fantasy series "The Librarians".

Behind the Scenes

  • His nickname is Chris.
  • Was Linda Brava's cohabitant between 1997 and 1998
  • Favorite Ice-Cream: Chunky Monkey by Ben & Jerry's
  • Wears a fleur-de-lis bracelet in multiple roles as a reminder of his mother who is from New Orleans
  • Has a scar on his upper-lip from an injury he received while filming Secondhand Lions
  • Has never had any formal acting training
  • In the episodes Epiphany and Dead End of Angel, the '56 Ford that is featured is Christian's own truck
  • David Boreanaz and Christian Kane portray rivals on the Angel series, but in real life they are best friends
  • The two were often seen as guests at the Playboy Mansion with their late co-star Glenn Quinn
  • Has large tattoos on the backs on his calves and is rumored to have designed the Cherokee symbols himself
  • Originally auditioned for the role of Riley Finn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer before being offered the role of Lindsey McDonald
  • He and his best friend David Boreanaz had a very hard time playing the Season 5 arc, when Christian's character was posing as Doyle, who was played by their dearest deceased friend, Glenn Quinn.

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