Clive was a Warlock and the spiritual leader of magic coven, which included Julie, who was also once a student of Andrew Wells. Julie explained to Andrew that the Asclepian Vial was a magic potion supposed to transform an individual into their perfect self. However, it was meant only to be a symbolic or metaphoric-like initiation ritual. Ironically, the potion was effective on Andrew, revealing for the first time his sexual orientation (an attraction to Clive) and making him invincible in order to chase off the Sculptor, a demon that was attacking the covent to steal the potion. After Andrew's success, Clive proclaimed him to be a superhero.

Clive and Julie then teamed up with the Scoobies to track down and disarm the Sculptor. During this battle, Andrew protected Clive and Julie from one of the demon's attacks. Afterwards, Andrew kissed Clive passionately in front of the entire Scooby gang.

Behind the Scenes

  • Because of their similar design and leader position, Clive could be a reference to Charles Xavier, the mentor of the X-Men.


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