"Yes... I will. I promise."
―Dave to "Malcolm"[src]

David Kirby, commonly known as Dave, was a Sunnydale High student and one of the prized pupils of Jenny Calendar alongside Fritz Siegel and Willow Rosenberg.


When Moloch the Corruptor was released into the Internet, Dave was one of his initial "recruits" to help him construct a new body. Dave eventually became scared of Moloch's new requests, particularly after Moloch asked him to arrange for Buffy Summers to be killed in the school shower rooms. Dave, ignorant of Buffy's identity as the Slayer, did not perceive Buffy as a threat. In revenge for his defiance, Moloch sent Dave's parents a fake suicide e-mail before Dave was attacked by the more-loyal Fritz. Buffy subsequently discovered Dave's body hanging in the computer lab.

Behind the Scenes


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