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The Devon Coven was a powerful group of witches and warlocks based in the county of Devon, England. At some point, Rupert Giles came to know its members and maintained contact with them.

The Devon Coven sensed that Willow Rosenberg had become overloaded with dark magic in 2002, and contacted Giles about the threat emerging in Sunnydale. They devised a complex plan that involved the coven giving their magic to Giles with the intention of Willow stealing it so that it could tap into her remaining emotions and give someone the chance to reach her humanity. After he arrived, Giles bound Willow physically and magically with his powers. However, she quickly escaped. An epic magical battle ensued between the two as they pitted their powers against one another. After several rounds that destroyed the Magic Box and weakened Giles, Willow sucked the power from his body. The magic she took from him was accompanied by an emotional burst that put her in touch with the pain of all humanity, making her decide to end it by destroying the world, but allowed Xander Harris to reach her humanity and stop her.

After Willow returned to normal and her power returned to its sources she accompanied Giles to Westbury, England. There she studied magic and meditation with members of the Coven, such as Ms. Harkness, learning a different approach to magic.

After the First Evil began its campaign to eliminate all Potential Slayers and had the Watchers Council destroyed, Giles relied upon seers of the Devon Coven, such as Althenea, to locate any surviving or undiscovered Potential like Eve or Amanda.

Behind the Scenes

  • One of the members of the Devon coven is named "Ms. Harkness," a reference to Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch featured in the X-Men comic books, of which Joss Whedon is a fan and writer.


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