Devon MacLeish was the lead singer of Dingoes Ate My Baby and a student at Sunnydale High.


Performing at the Bronze

He was a friend and bandmate of Oz and their band regularly played gigs at the Bronze nightclub. In late 1997, Devon dated Cordelia Chase around the time of the foreign exchange student program at Sunnydale High while Devon performed at the World Culture Dance where he, along with every other male, was taken by the sight of a beautiful Incan mummy princess who was slow dancing with Xander Harris while posing as a South American exchange student named Ampata. Despite his initial excitement about dating Cordelia, Devon eventually ignored her calls and stopped turning up to their dates. He later broke up with Cordelia around Halloween. Their break up did not appear to have any lasting effect on both of them, as Cordelia quickly moved on from Devon to Xander. Devon, who performed on stage at the Bronze, did not display any reaction when Cordelia and Xander started seeing each other publicly in the bar. 

Senior Year

A year later, Devon arrived and performed at Buffy Summers' welcome back party. He later assisted the Scooby Gang in fighting zombies that broke into Buffy's house and attacked the party goers due to the mystical mask of the demon, Ovu Mobani. Devon announced the Homecoming Queen, which was awarded as a tie between Holly Charleston and Michelle Blake, and enjoyed the adult audience at the Bronze when they reverted back to their teenage selves because of magical candy bars. He was also held hostage at the Bronze with Oz and many other clubbers by the vampiric counterpart of Oz's girlfriend Willow Rosenberg. During said event he unsuccessfully attempted to escape by climbing up the curtain robes on the stage. Devon later attended the Graduation Day battle, having witnessed Harmony Kendall get bitten. Oz claimed that Devon previously had dated her but ended it after a short while as he found her to be too "flaky".  

After School

After Oz left Sunnydale in late 1999, Oz contacted Devon to send his belongings from his room after him, deeply saddening Willow as she concluded he settled somewhere else. Upon his return to Sunnydale from Tibet several months later, Oz went to Devon to ask if he had a place for him to stay. Devon's whereabouts (as well as those of the rest of the Dingoes) following Oz's second and permanent departure from Sunnydale remain unknown.

Behind the Scenes

  • Jason Hall would follow in the footsteps of Danny Strong and become a successful screenwriter. His film 'American Sniper' would see him reunited with Buffy alumnus Leonard Roberts.


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