Rupert Giles: “A book… It stole one of my books
Jenny Calendar: “Well at least someone in this school is reading.
— on the Du Lac Manuscript[src]

The Du Lac manuscript was written by Josephus du Lac. It was kept in the Sunnydale High School library, but was actually from Giles' personal collection. It was stolen by the vampire Julia for Spike.


The Manuscript was said to contain a number of dark rituals and spells. However, it was written in archaic Latin, so nobody but Josephus du Lac's followers could read it. Spike required it to perform a ritual that would make Drusilla well again. He forced his minion Dalton to translate it but concluded that it required the du Lac cross to translate. The cross was buried in Du Lac's tomb; many vampires went to steal it, however Buffy Summers attempted to stop them, being in the end unsuccessful. The ritual required the sacrifice of Angel, because he was Drusilla's sire. Angel was saved by Buffy during the ritual. Even though it was said that Angel would have to be sacrificed in order for the ritual to work, he wasn't and the ritual worked to restore Drusilla's strength anyway.[1]


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