Btvs The subject of this article is non-canonical.
While created as part of licensed material, the comic mini-series Fallen Angel: Reborn is a crossover with IDW's Fallen Angel. It has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.

Fallen Angel: Reborn was a mini-series run of IDW Publishing comic book series Fallen Angel, which featured Illyria as a crossover character, it was approved by Joss Whedon.[1]

It consisted of 4 issues in which Illyria tried to find her icons to restore her powers, with the presence of Liandra, whose intention to help or stop her was not always clear.

The writer Peter David, said: "The story is set early in Illyria's involvement with Angel & Co. Having been deprived of her power by Wesley, she is drawn to Bete Noire as a potential source for not only becoming what she was before, but even achieving her previous status. Remember, what we see of her in Angel is not her true appearance."[2]

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 1

You can't keep a fallen Angel down for long! Liandra returns in this all-new series by Peter David and J.K. Woodward, and for her first four-part adventure, she'll be battling alongside a special guest-star... Joss Whedon's Illyria! How did Illyria come to Bete Noire? Will they meet as friends or foes? You'll have to pick up this issue to find out!

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 2

Joss Whedon's Illyria, is in Bete Noire on a mission to reclaim three objects of power which she hopes will restore her to her former status. Part of her mission, though, hinges on her ability to dispatch another Angel who is, like Illyria, also fallen... namely Liandra, the Fallen Angel, Magistrate and protector of Bete Noire.

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 3

Across a frozen wasteland trudges Illyria, searching for the second of the three symbols of her power that will restore her to the all powerful demon goddess that she was... and the only one who can possibly stop her is the Fallen Angel. Presuming, that is, that she wants to.

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 4

Did you ever get everything you’ve ever wanted? Well, so has Illyria. On the devastated remains of New York City, Illyria stands triumphant. But what of the Fallen Angel? Did she try to stop Illyria…or did she wind up aiding her? And who will wind up having the final victory?

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 1 covers

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 2 covers

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 3 covers

Fallen Angel: Reborn# 4 covers



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