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Hey, you have a good tax guy?
―The Demon to Lilah Morgan[src]

This humanoid demon was hired by Lilah Morgan as part of her plan to blackmail Angel into liberating half-demon Billy Blim, a member of a powerful family represented by Wolfram & Hart. The demon used his abilities to send Cordelia Chase damaging visions that also caused life-threatening injuries.

After Angel released Billy Blim from the demon dimension in which he had been imprisoned, Angel killed the psychic demon by throwing a crowbar directly into his brain before warning Lilah that he would personally kill her if she ever tried to attack Cordelia again.

Powers and Abilities

I think she got the message.
―The demon[src]

This demon resembled a human male without the upper part of his head, instead having the top part of brain visibly sitting which he would disguise under a fez. This demon had the ability to tap into the "celestial pipeline" through which the Powers That Be sent the Visions and send visions of his own. Unlike those sent by the Powers, the visions sent by this demon had physical manifestations that could injure and even threaten the life of the target.

When employing his psychic abilities, this demon levitated from the ground while his brain pulsed.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Kal Penn.
  • Kal Penn previously appeared as Hunt on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • The demon's name is never given, but in the shooting script, he's referred as "Fez-Head".