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Gentlemen's Minion

One minion shortly after having its neck broken by Buffy.

Gentlemen japan

With the Gentlemen in Japan

The "Footmen" were demons who served the Gentlemen in their prowling for human hearts. They did all the grunt and muscle-work for their sinister masters, such as restraining their victims while the Gentlemen cut out their hearts, and, when necessary, fighting. They resembled humanoid creatures with brownish, bandaged faces and wore unrestrainted straight jackets. Unlike the Gentlemen, who were capable of hovering, the footmen were barely able to walk upright. Also, unlike the Gentlemen, who could not be killed by anything other than a human scream, the Footmen could be killed by normal Slayer means. When Buffy killed the Gentlemen by screaming, which was fatal to them, this seemed to apply to the Footmen as well since they were seen struggling because of the sound of her voice.