Going Through the Motions is a song from the musical episode of Buffy, Once More, with Feeling. The song is mostly sung Buffy along with a few extras. It is featured on the "Once More, with Feeling soundtrack".

Sung By

Buffy, Vampire 1, Vampire 2, Handsome Man, Goat Demon


Buffy:Every single night The same arrangement I go out and fight the fight Still I always feel This strange estrangement Nothing here is real Nothing here is right I’ve been making shows of trading blows Just hoping no one knows That I’ve been Going through the motions Walking through the part Nothing seems to penetrate my heart I was always brave And kind of righteous Now I find I’m wavering Crawl out of you grave You find this fight just Doesn’t mean a thing

Vampire:She ain’t got that swing

Buffy:Thanks for noticing

Demon and vampires:She does pretty well with fiends from hell But lately we can tell That she’s just Going through the motions Faking it somehow

Demon:She’s not even half the girl she-ow…

Buffy:Will I stay this way forever Sleepwalk through my life’s endeavor

Handsome Man:How can I repay-

Buffy:-Whatever I don’t want to be Going through the motions Losing all me drive I can’t even see if this is really me And I just want to be Alive

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