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Graham Miller
Graham Miller
First appearance "The Initiative"
Last appearance "Into the Woods"
Name Graham Miller
Status Alive
Classification Human
Affiliation U.S. Army
The Initiative
UC Sunnydale
Notable powers Military training granted him knowledge of
  • strategy
  • combat techniques
  • tracking
  • handling of weapons
Portrayed by  Bailey Chase

Private[1] Graham Miller was an agent of The Initiative and one of Riley Finn's closest friends.


Like his teammates Riley Finn and Forrest Gates, Graham leads a double life with his military service and his cover up as a student at UC Sunnydale. But unlike his teammate Forrest, who is a rather brash person, Graham is more calm and collected. Graham did fight in the final battle in The Initiative and later testified in Riley's favor during the inquiry.

Later, Graham helped Riley get medical attention that would correct the procedures that the Initiative conducted on him. Graham later asked Major Ellis to help persuade Riley into leaving Sunnydale, to rejoin the army, as a part of their new squad of demon hunters, with himself and others, since he tried and failed to convince Riley himself.

Behind the Scenes

  • Graham Miller was named after Doug Petrie's old college friend.



  1. "Goodbye Iowa"

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