Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

The entrance of the crypt.

The Guardian's Crypt was the enclave of the Last Guardian. Several other prominent events occurred in this crypt.


The crypt appeared as a pyramid and had an entrance to a lower, subterranean section. It had several pillars and urns inside. Although it had no form of sustenance, it housed the Last Guardian for several millenia until her death.

Prominent Events

  • This was chosen by the Last Guardian as her hiding place.
  • Buffy Summers learned of the history of the Scythe from the Guardian inside the crypt.
  • Caleb killed the Last Guardian inside the crypt.
  • Caleb fought the slayer, who eventually cut him in half.
  • Angel rendezvoused with Buffy Summers to offer help and to give the Amulet.

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