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The Hallucination world is an alternate reality, in which the events of Buffy and Angel are merely Buffy's hallucinations.


In "Normal Again", when Buffy was poisoned by a summoned Glarghk Guhl Kashmas’nik Demon during a confrontation with the Trio, she began to frequently drift between her own world and this one, where she was incarcerated in a Los Angeles mental hospital for dreaming up Sunnydale and her life as the Slayer, and is frequently visited by her mother and father. In this reality, Buffy had been catatonic since 1997 (when she moved to Sunnydale), except for three months of clarity (when she died and was resurrected).

After flashing between the hospital and Sunnydale realities numerous times, Buffy began to lose her grip on reality, believing that Sunnydale is indeed just a hallucination, and then, under advice from the doctors in the hospital reality, physically attacked Willow, Xander and Dawn, tying them up and locking them in the basement with the same demon who poisoned her, which had been earlier captured to compose an antidote, and freed the demon from its chains in order to kill her friends.

However, having became wracked with guilt over this, Buffy, inspired by Joyce's words in the hospital reality, fully embraced her life of duty and danger in the Sunnydale reality, slayed the demon, and was subsequently cured of the poison in the process.

In the hospital world, Asylum Buffy becomes catatonic, much to the dismay of Joyce and Hank.