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Hank Summers was the father of Buffy and Dawn Summers, the ex-husband of Joyce Summers, and the husband of Paige Summers.


Hank often had father/daughter weekends with Buffy and Dawn immediately following his divorce from Joyce. Hank eventually turned into the archetype of the upper-class deadbeat dad. Despite relative wealth and prosperity, Buffy and Dawn could not rely on him to keep his promises, nor would he play the role of the father. This led to both siblings accepting Rupert Giles as a father figure.

Hank spent the summer of 1997 with Buffy. Hank was supposed to take Buffy to an ice show for her eighteenth birthday, but canceled at the last minute.

Buffy said her parents' divorce was mostly Hank's fault, because he was unfaithful. When Buffy last heard from Hank, he had moved to Spain with his secretary, but she was unable to contact him when her mother died. Dawn indicated that she had spoken with her father at some point over the summer of 2001, but she and the others were hiding Buffy's death from him, stating that if he knew Buffy was dead, he would take Dawn away.

Years later, Buffy was stabbed with a demon skewer which gave her visions of being a patient in a mental asylum with being the Slayer merely her delusion. In Asylum Buffy's world, Hank was still married to Joyce and deeply caring for his sole daughter. The episode's ending left it deliberately ambiguous as to whether this was simply a hallucination, or if Buffy being the Slayer was in fact simply a seven-year-long delusion beginning when she 'met' Merrick and ending with her regaining her sanity at the conclusion of Chosen.

Five years later, Hank reunited with his daughters in San Francisco when he started working for Silicon Valley. He explained that he left his secretary Francesca and is currently engaged to another woman, Paige, who is also  the mother of two teenagers. However,  Paige refused to have Buffy at the wedding as her reputation would attact the attention of demons. Dawn then cut ties with him.

Behind the Scenes


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