"We vampires have to drink blood to survive. We're driven to kill. Slayers are not. It's their choice to kill us. You tell me which is the greater evil."
Harmony Kendall
Buffy Comic Story
Harmony Comes to the Nation
Published in MySpace/Dark Horse Presents #25
Publication date August 2009
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Pages 2
Creative Team
Written by Jane Espenson
Penciller(s) Karl Moline
Colorist(s) Michelle Madsen

"Harmony Comes to the Nations" was a supplemental e-comic tying in to Season Eight.


Harmony Kendall appeared on an episode of the talk show, The Colbert Report and talked to host Stephen Colbert about her reality show Harmony Bites and her idea of cleansing the world of magic. Harmony rationalized her anti-Slayer stance while defending vampires feeding on humans. Finally, she suggested she might be replacing Barbara Walters as a host on the talk show The View, hinting at plans to kill her.


Behind the Scenes


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