A Higher Being, also known as a Higher Power or God, is a tremendously powerful supernatural being, typically worshiped by the inhabitants of Earth and other dimensions.


The origin of the Higher Beings is still unknown, and it was never revealed if they shared a connection with each other. According to Jasmine, long ago, the primeval forces that were considered good and evil took shape, but the malevolent ones grew in power and the era of the Old Ones began. Those who had the strength to resist the allure of evil left Earth, and made themselves content to watch from an alternate reality, only directing the remaining forces of good on Earth and not taking an active part in the battle against evil. An example of such guides would be The Powers That Be.


Though neither their origins, nor the boundaries of their powers were ever specifically defined, one confirmed fact in the Buffy universe would be that each and every Higher Being possessed incredible supernatural powers.

Hence, Higher Beings were often invoked in different magic spells of varying range of effects, and such spells were usually related to the deity's particular province. For example, Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom and Defense, was once invoked to erect a protective barrier, while Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Underworld as well as the divine patron of the dead, was responsible for authorising resurrection spells.

There were also numerous other individuals in the Buffy universe who, despite being of different species, could still be considered as Higher Powers due to their extraordinary supernatural abilities, such as:

  • Illyria: As commented by Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Illyria literally possesses the powers of a God. In the Primordium Age, when Illyria ruled the world, it took three Old Ones (Illyria's killers) to kill her, and they only managed to do so through utilising Illyria's symbols (which holds a copy of her powers), and even their own powers were insufficient to kill her. Her strength was also revealed to be equal to that of Rowant Mor, who was herself a Higher Power that predated the Old Ones and The Powers That Be.
  • Liandra: Before she fell from grace, Liandra possessed divine powers that were stronger than those of the Potentates, for she was a member of the Celestial Host itself. Illyria also commented on Liandra's powers as "primal energy rutted in the very forces of creation".
  • The Valet: The Valet possessed the ability to manipulate reality itself.
  • Dawn Summers: With self-confidence and the belief of her loved ones in her, Dawn was able to access her powers as The Key without a ritual, enabling her to open portals to any dimension, and even shrink and destroy powerful demons with just a flick of her wrist.
  • Connor: When Angel went to the future, Rowant revealed that Connor's powers were, by then, similar to those of a Higher Being's. He was also shown to use some kind of light-manipulation ability associated with Higher Beings to kill Myresto Mor and save a baby.

The Enochian protection runes protect the bearer from being viewed remotely from them.

Known Higher Beings

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