The 'Holtz family was the family of vampire hunter Daniel Holtz. In May 1764, Angelus and Darla attacked the family, raping and killing the mother and killing the infant son. The daughter, Sarah, was turned into a vampire, forcing her father to kill her. Holtz later exacted revenge on Angel by kidnapping his son.

n May 1764, Angelus and Darla attacked Holtz's family, raping his wife and killing her and their infant son. As a finishing touch, they turned his remaining daughter, Sarah, into a vampire. Upon returning home, Holtz had little choice but to throw his sired daughter into direct sunlight and watch her burn to ashe s.

Family tree

            Daniel Holtz           Caroline Holtz
               │      │                  │
               │      │                  │
               │      └────────┬─────────┘
               │               │   
               │      ┌────────┴─────────┐
               │      │                  │
               │      │                  │       
               │ Sarah Holtz       Daniel Holtz Jr.Steven Franklin Thomas Holtz/Connor                 Cordelia Chase
           (adoptive)                           (possessed by Jasmine)
               │                                          │      
               │                                          │       

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