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The Hunga Munga was an African tribal weapon. It was a handheld weapon which had four blades; three of which were fairly straight and pointed in all opposing directions, forward up and back. The final and largest blade located above the forward facing straight blade was curved and turned to meet the top blade.


Buffy holding the Hunga Munga

The weapon could be used in hand-to-hand combat although it was typically thrown with a spinning action.

The Hunga Munga was one of the weapons employed by the Family Home enslavers along with large clubs. During the Slayer Buffy Summers' rebellion against Ken, who lured homeless teenagers in his dimension and enslaved them, she used one of these weapons against the enslavers, providing a distraction so Lily Houston could gather and escort the slaves out.

The Hunga Munga was also wielded by a Lubber Demon, who attacked Angel in a physics lab.

The blade was also part of the arsenal Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle and Connor carried when attempting to track down the vampire Marissa.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Hunga Munga appears in every episode in the opening credits from Season 3 to 5 as it uses the shot of Buffy weilding one during "Anne".
  • It appeared in two Buffyverse season premieres.


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