Illyria crossover

The Icons of Illyria were three symbols of Illyria's power, in which her powers were sealed by her killers. If she found one, it would lead her to the rest, and restore her primordial form and powers. Illyria and Liandra found both scythes and were transported into a destroyed New York City where they confronted a paradox version of Illyria with its powers restored. The paradox version committed suicide and surrendered the helmet to the present Illyria who crushed the Helmet after apparently speaking to a leaf of grass and realizing that she would destroy and kill everything on earth.

When Illyria and Liandra returned to the real world, Benny took the scythes to kill Liandra.

The symbols

  • Scythe #1: It was located in the cemetery of Bete Noire, where Illyria had to dig it up with her hands.
  • Scythe #2: It was located in one of the poles, and was guarded by Catari.
  • Helmet #3: It was in a destroyed New York worn a future Illyria, who showed the present Illyria the destruction she would cause.


  • Fallen Angel: Reborn #1
  • Fallen Angel: Reborn #2
  • Fallen Angel: Reborn #3
  • Fallen Angel: Reborn #4
  • Fallen Angel: Return of the Son #1

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