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Image (Angel Novel)
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Author(s) Mel Odom
Publication date May 7, 2002
Length 336 pages
Published by Pocket Books
ISBN ISBN 978-0743427500

Image is a novel by Mel Odom centered around Angel and his team.


Cordy has a vision of a child being attacked by a squidlike demon. Meanwhile, Gunn is trying to rescue a young artist; the artist's studio is being attacked by vampires. Cordelia goes to investigate the mansion from her vision. She soon finds herself surrounded by baby products, portraits, and being chased by a tentacled monster. When Angel arrives on the scene, he is surprised to discover that he recognizes some of the portraits. He holds distant memories of him and Darla spending a night with storytellers and artists. An old evil is trying to use a painting to preserve the life of its body, and preying on a child. In their efforts to save the child, Team Angel will learn not to judge everything by its image.


The events took place after "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" but before "Stranger to the Sun". Since Angel is aware of Darla's resurrection by Wolfram & Hart and Wesley is in charge of the team with Angel back onboard and the base of operations returned to the hotel, the story appears to take place after "Epiphany". Angel also knows the Host's real name is Lorne, suggesting a placement after "Belonging", but the absence of Fred seems to contradict this.

  • While investigating the case, Angel remembers an ancient painting-based magic he learned about as Angelus, which grants an artist the ability to make what he paints reality; as Angelus, Angel witnessed this magic being used to create a woman; the resulting creature inspiring Mary Shelley to write Frankenstein when she witnessed it while out walking one night, although she assumed it was merely a dream and he learns that their current enemy has previously used the magic to become eternally young, apparently inspiring the tale of The Picture of Dorian Gray.



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  • Setting: Season 2.

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Cordelia Chase: "Angel could go into the office and throw somebody - preferable Cassi - through a window. People don't seem to have a problem keeping secrets when Angel starts throwing people through windows."
- Image