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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse.
Immortal (Buffy Novel)
Strike her down and she will rise again...
Author(s) Christopher Golden
Nancy Holder
Publication date October 1999
Length 309 pages
Published by Pocket Books
ISBN ISBN 0-671-04175-4

Immortal was a novel written by Christopher Golden and Nancy Holder based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Synopsis Edit

Veronique is an immortal vampire that continues to return in the body of a newly dead person every time she has been staked. However, she wants to become truly immortal by summoning an ancient demon called the Triumvirate. And of course her choice spot to do so would be in Sunnydale, especially with the extra magical vibes emanating from the Hellmouth. Unfortunately, while Buffy is trying to keep Veronique's vampire henchmen at bay, she also has to deal with the fact that her mother is sick in the hospital. There's a chance that she has cancer, but they won't know for sure until they've performed surgery on her. Buffy has to decide where she's needed most: with her mother, or to stop the end of the world.

Appearances Edit

(1862 Watcher)

  • Leah Coleman (doctor)
  • Tergazzi (demon)
  • Lucy Hanover (as ghost)

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • A key theme of the book is learning to cope with the uncontrollable factors of life.
  • Setting: Season 3
  • Foreshadowing Buffy Season 5, Joyce becomes increasingly sick and ends up in the hospital in the novel with a cancer scare and facing major surgery.
  • This is the only novel to have an audiobook format also available. The audiobook is abridged and is narrated by Charisma Carpenter.
  • In the United Kingdom, this was the first Buffy novel to appear in hardback form.

International TitlesEdit

  • German: "Die Dämonin des Todes" (The Demoness of Death)
  • French: "Immortelle" (Immortal)
  • Spanish: "Inmortal" (Immortal)