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Btvs Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.
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The Inca Sacred Seal was a magical object from Peru and probably created in the twelfth century by the Inca priests to prevent the princesses of their people, sacrificed during their rite to the god Sebancaya, from waking up from their death as in the case of "Ampata Gutierrez".

Centuries later, in 1997, the mummy as well as the Inca Sacred Seal were on display at a museum in Sunnydale. The Inca Sacred Seal drew the attention of Rodney Munson, a hooligan of the Sunnydale High, who tried to steal it, but broke it accidentally, awakening the mummy. Fragments of the plate were found by Rupert Giles when he investigated the disappearance of the mummy. He had difficulty deciphering all of the inscriptions on the artefact.

The mummy apparently had a psychic link with the Sacred Seal since she sensed that Giles was in the Museum while she was at the Bronze.


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