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James Wesley Marsters is an American actor and musician, best known for playing the popular platinum-blond character Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Joss Whedon has proposed making a Spike movie starring James Marsters.

It is James' notable and acclaimed appearance as Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer which attracted the attention of the general public. The immediate fan response prevented his character from being dispatched to enjoy a pivotal presence throughout the life of the series and season five of Angel.

Marsters co-wrote the Buffyverse comic, "Paint the Town Red", with Christopher Golden.

Another television series that has featured James Marsters is the famous series Smallville, about the young Superman growing up. In this series, Marsters played Milton Fine, the human form of Brainiac. The show include others guest-stars like Rutger Hauer (Lothos), Leonard Roberts (Forrest Gates), J.P. Manoux (Frank Gilnitz), Amy Adams (Beth Maclay), Tony Todd (Vyasa), Shonda Farr (April), Jordan Belfi (Ryan), Nichole Hiltz (Diana), Azura Skye (Cassandra Newton), Zachery Ty Bryan (Peter Nicols), Kevin Daniels (Bouncer (Sleeper)), Sam Witver (John Stoler) and Bradley Stryker (Talky meat). He also co-starred with Adam Baldwin in another DC comics project, an animated film called, Superman: Doomsday, playing Lex Luthor. He was also in Torchwood as time-traveling, roguish ex-Time Agent, Captain John Hart, appearing the first, penultimate and last episodes of the series. James was also married in 2010.

In 2010, he guest-starred on the show Hawaii Five-0 alongside Daniel Dae Kim (Gavin Park). Other Guests are Julie Benz (Darla), Brian Thompson (Luke/The Judge), John Ritter (Ted Buchanan), Jeremy Ratchford (Lyle Gorch), Willie Garson (Don), Max Perlich (Whistler), Jack McGee (Doug Perren), Adam Kaufman (Parker Abrams) Malia Mathis (Rachel), Greg Collins (Keith), Bai Ling (Jhiera), Colby French (Tay), Henri Lubatti (Head vampire), Maurice Compte (Chain), Sam Anderson (Holland Manners), Todd Stashwick (Vocah/M'Fashnik Demon), Gareth Williams (Mr. Chaulk), Brian Tee (Unidentified medical intern (Family)), Tony Todd (Vyasa), Adam Gordon (Carl), Kristoffer Polaha (Dylan Blim), Jordan Belfi (Ryan), Aimee Garcia (Cynthia York), Summer Glau (Prima Ballerina), Ivana Milicevic (Samantha Finn), Patrick St. Esprit (Jenoff), Taonai Reed (Local Boy), Glenn Morshower (Phillip Newton), Joel David Moore (Karl), Patrick Fischler (Ted), Annie Wersching (Margaret), Jenny Mollen (Nina Ash) and Jon Billingsley (Evan Royce).

In 2011, he guest-starred on the CW show Supernatural alongside Charisma Carpenter in the episode "Shut Up, Doctor Phil" where they played witches whose marital dispute puts a small town's citizens at risk.

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