Janus' Statue was a sculpture of the god Janus's head, used by Ethan Rayne for the Ritual of Janus.


Ethan Rayne had this statue hidden at the back of his costume shop. He used it to enchant its costumes in the evening of Halloween, cursing whoever wears them with the Ritual of Janus to become the attributes represented by the costumes. Notably, Buffy Summers became a 18th century noblewoman, Xander Harris a soldier, and Willow Rosenberg a ghost.

Rupert Giles discovered Ethan was behind the plot, and sought his former friend at the shop. Under torture, Ethan explained it was necessary to break the statue to interrupt the spell. So Giles threw it on the floor, destroying it just in time to prevent Spike from killing the Slayer.[1]

The same statue was sold at the Magic Box.[2][3]

Behind the scenes

  • Even though the statue is destroyed in season two the same bust can be seen on the shelves of the Magic Box Shop throughout seasons Five and Six.



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