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"Nobody touches the glasses or the hair, Doll."

Jay-Don was a vampire seemingly sired during the 1950's. A dangerous thief, Jay-Don had gained a reputation for his loud, extroverted personality.


"He ran with the whole Sinatra Rat Pack, never got over it."

During the 1950's, Jay-Don met the Rat Pack and was among Sinatra's circle. Through the years, he obtained a well-founded reputation of being flashy and talkative because of his personality and clothing. He also had a reputation of being extremely dangerous.

Jay-Don was contacted by a demon known as M. James Menlo to join a crew set up to steal a relic known as the Shroud of Rahmon from the Museum of Natural History. As the vault in which the Shroud was kept was equipped with a thermal sensor, the crew required someone at room temperature, like a vampire, to enter the vault, deactivate its security systems and open it to the rest of the thieves.

Jay-Don arrived to Los Angeles via bus and was met by Angel, who pretended to be both a fan of Jay-Don and one of the thieves. After confirming Jay-Don's identity and that the crew used no password amongst themselves, Angel slew the vampire and took his sunglasses in order to impersonate him.

Behind the Scenes

  • Jay-Don's "vampire face" has never been seen. He is only one of a few vampires to have this distinction with Collin and Nostroyev.


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