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"I am in most thunderous agreement, oh glittering, glistening Glorificus."

Jinx was one of the minions who served Glorificus. Like all of her minions, he belonged to an unnamed demon race who were shorter than most humans, had beady, black eyes and scabby skin and wore brown robes, and they unconditionally worshiped Glory. Jinx seemed to be the leader among Glory's minions, and was often assigned tasks of some importance. He was the one that discovered from Ben that the Key is in human form. Jinx was beaten and stabbed by Ben, and was nearly killed by the Knights of Byzantium, but was saved by Glory at the last minute. Jinx was often the one to be blamed when something went wrong for Glory. 

He was not present during Glory's 'big day', meaning he was presumably killed before the event.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Troy Blendell.


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