"We have not been been properly introduced. My name is Kumiko Ishihara. Daughter of Kazuo."
―Kumiko Ishihara, to Willow Rosenberg[src]

Kumiko Ishihara was a powerful Japanese vampire witch. She was also an ally of the vampire Toru. She was killed by Buffy after trying to kill Willow.

Powers and Abilities

"Or did you think you were Saga Vasuki's only student? We speak the same language, you and I."
―Kumiko to Willow[src]

Kumiko had the common abilities and handicaps of vampires, as well, for a time, the shapeshifting powers of Dracula, allowing her to transform into mist, as well as different animals such as panthers, wolves, bats and a swarm of bees.

Besides her vampire powers, Kumiko was also a powerful witch, having been trained by the demonic Aluwyn. She was capable of flying and performing a number of powerful spells and rituals.


It is unknown whether she was killed by Buffy, or not. In the final scene of her appearance Buffy impales her with a knife, and not with a wooden stake (unless it was a art error) what a vampire does not kill. Nevertheless Kumiko is never more seen or mentioned meaning she was indeed killed by Buffy.


Season Eight

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

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