"Good for nothing is what you are."

Kuurth was a Triune Demon and a member of the Fraser Gang, a gang of demon criminals led half-demon boss Mal Fraser. Kuurth worked under the authority of Baphon.


While researching ways to bring Giles back to life, Angel and Faith Lehane approached Kuurth at Demontown, a demon fight club, to ask him about his business of "selling body parts to rich scumbags." When Kuurth refused to tell them anything aside from moving on to a higher class of business, Faith attacked him, igniting a full-on bar brawl. In the ensuing skirmish, Angel ripped off Kuurth's third arm before Kuurth managed to escape.

Kuurth found his way to Baphon, who gave him a vile of Mohra demon blood to allow him to regenerative his severed third arm.

Sometime afterwards, Kuurth was approached by Pearl and Nash, who ripped off his right arm and forced him to take them to his Mohra blood source.

Powers and abilities

"Bloody bint! You want a hand? I got one right here!"
Kuurth Third Arm

Kuurth using his third arm.

Kuurth had the ability to grow an extra arm that protruded from his back.


  • After the end of the magic, the blood of the Mohra-Demons has mutated the humans who have taken it into "monsters". But to Kuurth it had for an unknown reason, the right effect.
  • It is unknown whether Nash and Pearl spared or killed him after revealing the place of the auction.


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